I prefer my crafting in Mines

So, I caved to the hype and picked up Minecraft. By way of explanation for those who are not into video games, Minecraftis nothing like World of WarcraftStarcraft or any of the other “Craft” games you might have heard about on the news. The game is an independent development of Mojang studios and the current beta test is downloadable for 14.95 Euros or about $22.
The game feels like the Sims, meets Gilligan’s Island, meets a Dire Straits video. I started playing last night while my laundry was in the wash and kept playing well after it was done and I was packed for my trip today. Definitely going to be worth the $22. The game definitely focuses on fun over flashiness. The graphics are blocky and pixellated, but the ability to build almost whatever you want in your own world is just a blast!