About Me

Sporkchop launched the ROFL Initiative as a way of coming out of the RPG closet. Prior to establishing this blog, he was, frankly, embarrassed to admit that he loved to roll dice with friends, do math and kill imaginary monsters in the comfort of his own home. In an effort to overcome the nonsensical sense of shame brought on by the persistent cultural stereotypes which swirl around roleplaying gamers, he decided to sound his nerdly yawp to the digital ether… and boy did it feel good.

You see, neither Sporkchop, nor the members of his gaming group fit the stereotypes commonly associated with D&D types. Sporkchop does not, for example, live with his parents eat nothing but Cheetos and run a thriving eBay trade in Star Wars figurines. No… he has a master’s degree, a full-time job and a wonderful girlfriend of several years who also happens to game with him.

He also has many interests outside of gaming. Among these are skiing, cooking, gardening, theater, camping and other decidedly social pursuits.

ROFL Initiative was established to celebrate the portion of Sporkchop’s personality which loves to play tabletop RPGs. A part of his personality which he previously spoke of only in whispers to those in the know. But now he is out and proud as a gamer.