Make-it Monday


In 2013, I set a goal of making a thing a week in order to flex my creative muscles, make headway into my backlog of projects, and get myself away from the video games for a bit. The list below compiles the results of this effort.

Make-it Monday Projects

Week 1: Template, NPC Cards
Week 2: Video, CrazyTalk Test
Week 3: Map, Fallside House
Week 4: Map, Lastholt Valley
Week 5: Map, Lastholt Mines
Week 6: Mini, Facing Disappointment
Week 7: Minis and Papercraft
Week 8: Effects Box
Week 9: Mini, Dire Wolf
Week 10: Drawing, Splash!

Additional Projects

Homemade GM Screen
Heraldry in HeroMachine
WesterlandsWorld Map
Drawings, Giraffelich and Comic

Flying Rig