Challenge for Cause

Challenge for Cause: The right of a party to a jury trial to object to the empanelment of a juror for some reason such as interest or bias.

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Mediation is the most common resolution for a vast majority of personal injury cases. This is not to say that the people claiming injury do not want to get the maximum amount of compensation for their injuries nor is it that the defendants automatically admit fault when they elect to have a neutral third party find a middle ground. Mediation is merely a way for two entities that disagree to work out their differences and find an equitable solution without engaging in the expense and complication of burdening the already overworked legal system with another case.
Most people involved elect for mediation because it is less of an ordeal than taking a case to court.

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What is your opinion of personal injury lawyers
In less than 1000 words discuss your views on personal injury lawyers and explain how these views may have been affected by the media.

From personal experience personal injury lawyers claim they are out to collect the largest settlement they can and take 30 to 40% of the prize. However in our family case the insurance policy had a maximum payout and the personal injury lawyer took $30000 for doing basically nothing.. So I am not real keen on them.

Oh and this guy was supposed to the best in the business here in Ohio. He took the money and ran.

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As in other relationships you need to be compatable. You should try to find a lawyer you like on a personal level. If you don’t like each other things can get complicated and even miserable down the road. For example there may be something you want him to do but be afraid to even bring up the subject. It is also important to get along with the lawyer’s support staff.


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