Co-conspirator: A person, charged or uncharged, who is alleged to be a party to a conspiracy.

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Personal injury cases are a type of legal case wherein one person or entity is held liable for injuring another person. This liability usually takes the form of the liable party having to pay for medical and other expenses lost wages and sometimes additional money for ruining the injured party’s ‘quality of life.’ Those cases are quite common – many people would say they are too common. A lot of people have legitimate claim but others are out just to make money at someone else’s expense.
There are many different types of injury cases out there. Injuries can happen just about anywhere: at home at work on the road or out on the town.

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In personal injury case if you dont have a lawyer can you deal directly with the defendant lawyer
In a personal injury case if you dont have a lawyer can you directly deal with the defendant lawyer If you dont know enough about the law how you can make sure that he wont cheat you or create problems when you sign the documents

Yes in a case like that I would think it would be worth the price of a cut of the compensation to hire a lawyer. If you are on solid ground there seems to me to be many lawyers who would represent you from the outset just for that reason. Lets just say if I were you I would have a lawyer to represent me in those types of matters. I don’t believe there is any reason why you could not represent yourself and deal directly with the defendants attorney it just usually isn’t the best idea unless you have a background and firm grasp of all the case precedent and existing rules and laws concerning the case itself.

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That means a brand new lawyer will be at least 25. A lawyer who looks 30 or 40 is likely to have far more experience than one in his 20s. Check out your lawyer’s resume. How much legal experience do they have Where did they attend law school Is his law school well-respected How many cases have they handled so far Have they ever been citied for professional misconduct by their local bar Do you know his success rate at trial Measure the lawyer’s experience in terms of number of happy clients. How focused is your lawyer Some will take on any case. Many lawyers only deal with their favourite areas of law.


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